håndlavet porcelæn


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Handles / Hooks Mat

DKK 70.00
Mat porcelain handles / hooks

Available in five sizes

XS: D 2,2 cm, H 2 cm
S: D 3 cm, H 3 cm
M: D 4,5 cm, H 3 cm
L: D 7 cm, H 4,5 cm
XL: D 8,5 cm, H 5 cm

The handles and hooks from Anne Black presents a modern approach to the conventional porcelain handle, They come in a variety of sizes and colors and can be used for an infinite amount of purposes. The 3 smallest sizes are delivered with screws for both handle and hook where as the 2 biggest sizes are delivered with only a screw for hook.

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DKK 70.00